Viruses – What do they do?

If your body gets infected with a virus, you’re not in for an easy trip. You have to take medications to cure or alleviate the symptoms, you’re in pain, you feel weak and you’re contagious to others most of the time. TheĀ same thing happens to your computer.

What a virus does can be a number of things. It can be small, unnoticeable, and does absolutely nothing. It was just created as a prank to infect, spread, and create some “Lulz” for the creator. Others can be huge, national security-risking abominations that can invade our very economy’s infrastructure, attack our military secrets, or cause havoc in a nuclear weapons facility. Of course, there are always the in-between, of which most people are familiar with.

Most viruses today do one of four things in today’s computing:

1. Infect the host computer to add that computer to something called a “BotNet”
2. Infect the host computer to install key loggers so that personal information put into websites can be captured and sent to the creator
3. Infect the host computer to give the creator complete control of your computer (this means they can turn on the webcam remotely, access files, and do whatever they want as if they were sitting right in front of your PC.)
4. Infect the host computer to install a false program to coax the user out of money (Malware/Scareware)

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