Surge protectors – Keep those electrons at bay

What is the primary destroyer of electronic gizmos and gadgets besides frat parties and flying Wii-chucks? Interestingly enough, the answer is electricity! Every year, power surges from black outs and brown outs destroy millions of electronic items ranging from your MP3 player to your phone to your Television or even your computer, and repairs can be costly! So how do you protect yourself from this powerful threat of power?

With a little device called a Surge Protector, and every electronic item should be hooked up to one. Surge protectors look like regular power strip, but they protect your electronics against the extra “umph” of power when the power comes back on after a black out, or when lightning strikes your television dish.  Fun fact: most damage occurs not when the power is shut off from a black out, but when the power comes back on.

Protect your electronics.  Surge Protectors range from the small $6 strips to ones that will power your devices for up to 25 minutes after the power has gone out!  Update your power strips to surge protectors and sleep easier at night knowing that in the morning, your alarm clock will actually turn on!

View a valuable assortment here: Surge Protectors

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