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System Restore – Your best friend. Trust me.

Your computer broke.  It won’t function right.  You got something that it didn’t quite link.  You decided to be brave and play with the registry.  That program from the year 2000 isn’t playing nice with your 2014 machine.  There are many different reasons, and they all have a simple solution.

System Restore.

This lovely little tool found in versions from Windows XP through 8.1 can be useful for fixing any number of issues with Windows by sending your computer to a previous time.  There are multiple ways to access and utilize System Restore and your needed method depends on your operating system.  For Windows 7, the easiest method is the following:

  1. Click on the start menu
  2. In the search box at the bottom, type in the word “Restore”
  3. At the top will be an option to select “System Restore”
  4. Click on it
  5. Click next on the first screen to show up
  6. The screen you will see will list any available immediate restore points.  If you don’t see a restore point you like, you can click on “Show more restore points” at the bottom
  7. Generally, we recommend selecting a restore point at least 3 days before the issues were first noticed
  8. Once you have selected a restore point, click “Next”
  9. Click “Finish”
  10. A window will pop up telling you that once system restore has started, it cannot be stopped.  Take note that this is a critical piece of information – If system restore is halted or stopped for any reason, it could render your computer completely unusable.

Once you click OK, system restore will begin.  Once finished, as long as all goes well, your system will be back to a time it saved and your issue should hopefully be resolved!