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UPS Power Backups – For those times you didn’t save often enough…

In another post we discussed the importance of surge protectors.  Let’s take it a step further.  Today we are discussing UPS Power Backups, also known as “Uninterrupted Power Supplies.”

In the event of a blackout, power to your home or office is cut off and your lights and electronics will go out.  Generally, the only things that survive the lack of electrons are components with built in batteries like your laptop or cell phone.  But what about your desktop computer that you were just sitting on as you write that critical report?

An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) has a battery within its casing that powers any component connected to it in the event of a power loss.  This can be a momentary loss (how many times have your office lights flickered and everything started randomly restarting?) or a full power outage.  When the power goes out, the power immediately starts coming from the battery to power your components, which are generally the monitor and computer.  No other components should be plugged into the UPS to preserve the usable power life of your UPS.  The bigger the battery, the more time you have to safely shut down your computer and save your work.  Remember though: if you have a high-powered gaming system, the computer will pull much more power and will need to be shut down much sooner than a standard work station, so be mindful of your computer type when you make your decision on Uninterrupted Power Supplies.

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Surge protectors – Keep those electrons at bay

What is the primary destroyer of electronic gizmos and gadgets besides frat parties and flying Wii-chucks? Interestingly enough, the answer is electricity! Every year, power surges from black outs and brown outs destroy millions of electronic items ranging from your MP3 player to your phone to your Television or even your computer, and repairs can be costly! So how do you protect yourself from this powerful threat of power?

With a little device called a Surge Protector, and every electronic item should be hooked up to one. Surge protectors look like regular power strip, but they protect your electronics against the extra “umph” of power when the power comes back on after a black out, or when lightning strikes your television dish.  Fun fact: most damage occurs not when the power is shut off from a black out, but when the power comes back on.

Protect your electronics.  Surge Protectors range from the small $6 strips to ones that will power your devices for up to 25 minutes after the power has gone out!  Update your power strips to surge protectors and sleep easier at night knowing that in the morning, your alarm clock will actually turn on!

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