Can O’ Air – Not the kind you bring to sporting events

What happens to your car when you leave it out side for too long? It gets dusty. You’ve all seen those cars, the ones with the “Wash me!” written on the back in what appears to be five layers of dust. The same thing happens to your computers, as well!

We’re all guilty of it. We all have that computer that is old, has never been pulled out of its little cubby and just sits there. Unfortunately, as its been sitting there, it’s been collecting dust, hair, and other goodies. The bad news to that is that these dust bunnies can wreak havoc on a computer’s moving parts, such as fans, hard drives, and CD burners.

So, how do you clean out your dirty desktop? You can’t just blow on it, because the vapors inside your mouth will end up on the electronics, and that is just as bad as giving your computer a bath. Also, you should NEVER vacuum the dust out. The vacuum will create static electricity which will zap the electronics dead. There is one thing, however, you can use to clean them out. A can of compressed air. Essentially, they are a mixture of items that produces high pressure C02. They are available any post electronics stores and some office supply stores.

Once you have one of these cans o’ air, there are methods to using it.  The directions explain briefly what NOT to do, but they don’t explain the best method to getting your electronics clean.  The best way to use them is:

1.  Never turn it upside down.  As cool as it is to see instant frost, you will be letting out the stuff that is needed to create the pressure.

2.  Use short bursts on the target.  Doing so will increase efficiency and it’s easier to move something when it’s hit repeatedly rather than one continuous stream (think of how a plunger works.)

3.  Use your fingers to aim the straw as sometimes the straw will move down away from your target dust bunnies. Guiding the can o’ air’s blast will make your cleaning process much more efficient, direct, and effective.

Need to get some air?  Well don’t go outside, click here instead!

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