Viruses – Get it off me get if off me!

So now you’re covered in viruses, and you’re wondering how to get rid of them. Most of the time, you have to consider what it’s worth and how long it’s going to take. You could reformat and that would set you back at square one. You could also spend some time removing all the viruses through anti-virus programs and manual removal. It simply depends on how infected your computer really is.

The first and foremost thing to do when you are infected is back up all your data. The second thing to do, if possible, is to update all your anti-virus software, either through the self updaters built within them or by manually updating them using update files from their websites (usually done if the virus prevents internet connection.) If you don’t have any anti-virus programs, this is a good time to get one.

The only antivirus program we at AA Computers use is Avast! Antivirus. It has a proven track record for reliability, speed, and virus-catching. It is very easy to install, does not require a reboot, and has many features found in high-end, professional antivirus programs for none of the cost. That’s right, it’s free!

Avast! Antivirus

Once your antivirus program is installed, updated and executed, start scanning your system. Do a full scan, and enable any huesristics mode available to you. Also install antispyware programs after the antivirus program has finished scanning to clean up or find other viruses that your antivirus may miss. One good one to use is Spybot: Search & Destroy. This program is also free and is also very easy to use.

Now, sometimes these viruses aren’t picked up by antivirus programs and they will need to be removed manually, or even have your system rolled back. These steps will be explained in tomorrow’s blog. Check it out!